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Let us never forget that they served as well.
Men and boys were marching off to fight in a global war for the first time in history and they were going to need things.
They would need uniforms, weapons, food...oh and ships. They would need ships and those ships would need building.
So women all across this great land of ours did what they always do: they stepped up to a task that needed doing and
they did it. Somehow, regardless of their individual names,  they all came to be known as "Rosie".
Well, here's a great big tip of the hat and a heartfelt THANK YOU to Rosie's everywhere. On top of everything else you
did, you laid the first pebbles of a path that women still walk today . It is a path that has taken women into the work place
as well as the voting booth. It is a path that has proven itself to be without limits and, as a direct result of their hard wok
and sacrifices, more than one of us has not only reached for the stars but flown among them.
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