Sins of the Innocent
Sins of the Innocent....Don't miss this new book by the
author of Home to Ohio and Where Love is Not!!!
Deborah E. Warr will grab you by the seat of your pants and,
long after you have turned the final page, you will still feel
the presence of the characters she has molded and breathed
life into, as only she can..

ordinary people fighting for their physical, emotional and
spiritual freedom. Every aspect of their enslavement might
well have originated in current news headlines. Religious
cults, experimental medicine, sexual manipulation and
societal isolation are tools used to achieve domination over
vulnerable souls.
The conclusion, though, echoes from our distant past,
reminding us that the apparent greatest good may conceal
the worst evil and that, ultimately, the choice between them
is intensely personal.
Jackie Glover, Author
2004 Pulitzer Nominated
Walnut Hearts
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ISBN: 9780980225747      464 Pages
                      SYNOPSIS of Sins of the Innocent
To people who keep up with current events, it comes as no surprise that the world is fast becoming an
unsettling and confusing place.  Over the centuries, people have turned to religion in times of trouble.  While
mass suicide, wanton promiscuity, child abuse and other unspeakable acts that make the rest of us wonder
what their members could be thinking. We shake our heads and ask one another how any reasonable person
could follow unquestioningly and sacrifice everything to join a cult.
We can’t help but ask ourselves, what could have caused intelligent and obviously conscientious people to give
up all their worldly possessions, turn their backs on family and friends and follow men like Jim Jones to
Jonestown or David Koresh to Waco, Texas.
Michael and Andrea Lancaster are at the same crossroads. In order to honor her dying sister’s wishes, Andrea
convinces Michael to journey to the Cathedral of Light seeking a better way of life. They soon discover that all
devotees must cut off all ties to the outside world and surrender themselves, body and soul, to Mother Angelica,
the group’s charismatic leader. For Andrea, it is a dream come true. Michael, however, has serious doubts and
resists. As a result, he is placed under the control of a pious but unscrupulous psychiatrist, a man who had
honed his mind-altering skills on unwilling inmates in a Louisiana prison. The doctor devises a diabolical plan to
recreate Michael into his vision of the Perfect Man of God. For Michael, it means an entirely new identity and
the beginning of a nightmare. Escaping his captors, he embarks on a harrowing journey to take back his life
and take revenge on his tormentors.
Set in the remote mountains of Colorado, Sins of the Innocent delves into the horror of being caught in the web
of cult
mind control.
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