Samantha E. Ruskin
Samantha's first three books: Up The River- Revised Edition, Paddle Without a
released later this year. Paddle Without a Creek, Revised Edition will be The
above listed books are currently out of print. However
, each book, as it was
originally published, is now available in a pdf version which can be downloaded for
only $8.00 each.
Samantha would also like her readers to know that the copies currently listed for
sale do NOT have her autograph and, in fact, are not supposed to exist since
one has had legal right to produce them for some time
. As far as she is
aware, these copies, IF represented as new, have materialized from thin
air.                 Further more, books like this, whether hers or another author's,
represent sales that never have or will earn royalties for the author or her publisher.
Do NOT purchase them!

Up The River, Revised Edition -E-Book

Paddle Without a Creek- E-Book

Mysti: Mistress of Dreams -E-Book  

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A new, revised edition of Paddle
Without a Creek
will be released in
both a paperback and electronic
version in September 2010.  Be sure
to check back often to be one of the
first to get your copy.
Savannah's Magic is expected to be released in
late Summer or early Fall. Watch this page for a
sneak peek at this newest story from Samantha
E. Ruskin. It has touches of romantic fantasy,
ancient mysteries and, as always, plenty of heat.