Do you dream of  having your work published? Do you  sometimes despair about ever seeing that dream
come true? Do you secretly wonder...ever fear...whether or not your work is 'good enough to be published'?
Do you sometimes think about how helpful it would be if a published author or even a publisher would take
the time to read your work and give  you an honest opinion?
How would you like it if someone who has spent more than thirty years in the publishing arena were to read
and review  your manuscript?
I am offering to do exactly that...and a bit more. Not only will I take the time to COMPLETELY read your
manuscript and give you my honest opinion of its chances for catching a publisher's attention, I will give you
tips as to how to select and approach publishers with your work. I will also make suggestions to you that I
believe will help your work and increase its chances for publication. I will even walk you through creating a
query letter - an intimidating task to be sure.  If I see a particular area that, in my opinion, needs work, I will
be honest enough with you to tell you that. Then, I will try to help you in that same area. There is little more
frustrating or irritating that to be told about an area that needs work and then give NO help whatsoever in
knowing how to begin that work. I will not do that to you.
Once I give you my thoughts, opinions and suggestions, it is completely up to you what you do with them. No
one, regardless of what some so-called Vanity Presses may tell you, can guarantee your work will be
published. Anyone who says otherwise is being less than honest with you. That said, it IS possible to guide a
writer or a work in the right direction to achieve publication. I also hasten to add that being published in
now way makes a work better or more important than one that is not officially published. In fact, sometimes it
is better to go in another direction altogether. It all depends on the writer and the manuscript. But how are
you to know that if those with the experience to help you leave you sitting there typing away like the Lone
As an author myself and the CEO of a publishing company whose primary duties include finding new
authors to publish, helping them edit and prepare their books for publication, and promoting those authors
and their work, my time can be limited. For that reason, I must require compensation for reading and
reviewing your work.  However, I have tried to keep the amounts down in the hopes that those who need my
assistance can obtain it without financial hardship. Prices are based on manuscript size because obviously the
larger the manuscript, the more time is involved on my part.
Manuscript Reading/Review Service
Manuscript Length-------------------Price for Professional Reading/Review

Up to 2500 words or 10 pages...........................$50.00

2500 words to 7500 or 30 pages........................$100.0

7500 words to 25,000 or 100 pages............... ...$150.00

25,000 words to 75,000 or 300 pages................$250.00

Larger manuscripts by request only  .....fee negotiable

Because of you I strived to learn the 2007 word and was successful. I know have a complete and totally corrected
manuscript....Most all the credit goes to you...without your selflessness I would not be where I am now, ready for images
to complete the book. It is going to be a work book, thanks. I have recommended you to several writers I have just
met.    Sam, I cannot thank you enough. Your encouragement and support and professional expertise have been a
blessing. I hope you will get the business. With Great Respect, Donald Grunzweig

P.S. If I were to submit for approval to a publisher, what do I do first?