Offspring of EOS

By Deborah E. Warr

Mankind has always been searching for answers to
the question, are we alone in the universe?  Some
believe that we have been influenced by beings from
other planets throughout human history. Some go
so far as to suggest that these entities played a
pivotal role in the incredible feats of engineering by
our ancient ancestors.  How could man create the
pyramids of Egypt and the complex temples of the
Inca and Mayan cultures using only primitive
technology?  There are those who are convinced
that we are still being visited by extraterrestrial
beings. With the recent discoveries of habitable
planets within our own galactic neighborhood, the
possibility doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it
once did.  If they are real, are these visitors here to
advance our development as some would have us
believe or could they have a more sinister motive?  
Offspring of Eos is an imaginative look at one of
history’s most enduring mysteries. What if they
walked among us in the past and what would
happen if they were still here?  Why are they here
and what do they want?  Offspring of Eos is a
thrilling look at the possibilities.
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ISBN: 9780980225747      464 Pages
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