Katherine E. Standell
TRILOGY called The Falcon and The Hawk. This book includes a volume never
before posted anywhere as well as completely updated versions of
Desert Hawk
Return of the Warrior.
Peddlers Group is thrilled to announce that the Trilogy will be available in late
Spring 2010! So visit often and be among the first to order your copy.
The currently out of print books,
Desert Hawk (revised), Return of the Warrior
(revised) and
The Celtic Knot,  each in its entirety, are now available in a pdf
version which can be downloaded for only $8.00 each. Katherine would also like
her readers to know that the copies currently listed for sale at outrageous prices
online do NOT have her autograph and, in fact, are not supposed to exist since
one has had legal right to produce them for some time
. As far as she is
aware, these copies, IF represented as new, have materialized from thin
air.                 Further more, books like this, whether hers or another author's,
represent sales that never earn royalties for the author or a dime for her publisher.
Do NOT purchase them!
Our E-Books are compatible with Kindle, Nook and most E-Readers.

Desert Hawk-PDF

Return of the Warrior-PDF

The Celtic Knot -PDF  

Upon notification of payment, your pdf will be emailed to you or a link sent where you can
download it if you prefer.
Katherine has a question for you
For those who have read The Celtic Knot, would you be interested in  a
sequel that focused primarily on Rebecca and Eve?
Many fans have written over the years since The Celtic Knot first came
out asking for more about the two women whose lives were cut so short
and whose ghosts called out so desperately to Dylan and Lura. Those
requests have never gone unheard. So, would you like to see a book
about Reb and Eve? Katherine will leave this up through March and then
announce her decision based on your opinions and desires
Your name:
Short answer:
Yes or No
Do you want a Personal
reply from Katherine?
Tell us what you most want to see in such a
sequel..or why you do or do not want one.