There was just something about small town America in the 1960’s, especially Ohio farm country, that made one proud
to have grown up there.  Clean air, close knit families with happy kids and unwavering pride in the community.  
Everyone knew everyone, never hesitated to help a neighbor in need and no one bothered to lock their doors at night.  
All that changed, at least for a while, in the spring of 1968.  Three members of a local family, father, mother and
daughter were viciously attacked and killed in their home in the middle of the night.  The only surviving member of the
family, a 17-year-old boy discovered the bodies.  After what seemed only a few weeks, the investigation into the matter
was mysteriously dropped and any questions regarding the matter were sternly discouraged.  Months passed, then years
aberration on an otherwise unblemished reputation of the peaceful village and better off buried in the past.
Ellen Richardson, a former classmate of the sole survivor, never understood why so little had been done to find the
killer.  Returning to her childhood home thirty years later for a high school reunion, she is reminded of the same
unsettling questions that had nagged her at the time and were never answered.  What begins as a casual search for
historic information soon takes on a life of its own as old wounds are ripped open and hints of a well organized
conspiracy are revealed.  Exposing the truth comes with a high price, more than she could ever imagine - people more
than willing to kill her in order to silence her and keep their secret well hidden.
Join her in her perilous pursuit of answers as she goes:  
 Home to Ohio

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HOME TO OHIO by Deborah E. Warr

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