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Ask yourself this: How often am I going to get the opportunity to meet a real, living, Rosie the Riveter?
Will I ever again have a chance to get such an autograph or read a book with recipes she created
herself? Recipes so incredibly delicious that even the County Sheriff and Deputies come to her house
for lunch on a regular basis?
Read about what she and other women did. See actual pay stubs from her time as a Rosie.
Enjoy some of the most delicious and simple dessert recipes your mouth will ever meet.
treasure and wonderful friend.  Our hearts go out to Laura's family and loved ones. Her
loss will be felt for a very long time. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have known
this wonderful woman.

This book will only be available until the remaining ten copies in our library are gone. As
of today, it is officially OUT OF PRINT.

We published this book to fulfill the wish of Laura's beloved son, Alex, and because it
meant so much to her. It was a labor of love from the moment we met Laura and will always
be one of the high points of our lives.

Laura and women like her paved the way for every woman since who has ever had a
dream and dared to reach for it.