Deborah E. Warr
There was just something about small town America in the 1960’s, especially Ohio farm country, that made one proud
to have grown up there.  Clean air, close knit families with happy kids and unwavering pride in the community.  
Everyone knew everyone, never hesitated to help a neighbor in need and no one bothered to lock their doors at night.  
All that changed, at least for a while, in the spring of 1968.  Three members of a local family, father, mother and family,
a 17-year-old boy discovered the bodies.  After what seemed only a few weeks, the investigation into the matter was
mysteriously dropped and any questions regarding the matter were sternly discouraged.  Months passed, then years and
life simply returned to normal.  For most of the residents at the time, the murders were nothing more than a bizarre
aberration on an otherwise unblemished reputation of the peaceful village and better off buried in the past.
Ellen Richardson, a former classmate of the sole survivor, never understood why so little had been done to find the
killer.  Returning to her childhood home thirty years later for a high school reunion, she is reminded of the same
unsettling questions that had nagged her at the time and were never answered.  What begins as a casual search for
historic information soon takes on a life of its own as old wounds are ripped open and hints of a well organized
conspiracy are revealed.  Exposing the truth comes with a high price, more than she could ever imagine - people more
than willing to kill her in order to silence her and keep their secret well hidden.
Join her in her perilous pursuit of answers as she goes:   
Home to Ohio

Other Books by Deborah E. Warr
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The second novel in the Ellen Richardson murder/mystery series takes Ellen into the realm of
the ultra rich seeking a chameleon-like serial killer. Her race against time to discover the man’
enigmatic Christian Kessler. Armed with startling information from the enclave’s matriarch,
Eleanor Bingham, that Christian is quite possibly the same man who murdered her daughter
The second novel in the Ellen Richardson murder/mystery series takes Ellen into the realm of
and then mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth, Ellen assembles a team that the
ultra rich seeking a chameleon-like serial killer. Her race against time to discover the man’
includes her mentor in crime solving, Jack Miller, a retired chief of police.  In addition, Ellen
enlists the aid of a world-renowned psychic, Joshua Davenport and a genius college-aged
computer hacker named Nate.  Together Ellen and her unlikely associates enter an exclusive
world where the normal rules do not apply and mansions, yachts and limousines are the
accepted standard. Their journey takes them from an
exclusive beach side resort in Florida to Frankfurt, Germany and on to the Caribbean in an
attempt to unmask a cold hearted killer who hunts down lonely moneyed women as prey.  A
gripping tale that will have you reading non-stop as Ellen and her friends unravel the clues to
the identity of an evil monster who hides behind a handsome charming face and will let
nothing get in his way, especially Ellen Richardson.              
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Deborah E. Warr will grab you by the seat of your pants and, long after you have
turned the final page, you will still feel the presence of the characters she has molded
and breathed life into, as only she can..

This is a book you will read in one sitting, a chilling story of ordinary people fighting
for their physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. Every aspect of their enslavement
might well have experimental medicine, sexual manipulation and societal isolation are
tools used to achieve domination over vulnerable souls.
The conclusion, though, echoes from our distant past,
reminding us that the apparent greatest good may conceal the worst evil and that,
ultimately, the choice between them is intensely personal.
Jackie Glover, Author
2004 Pulitzer Nominated
Walnut Hearts
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Deborah E. Warr was born in Sandusky, Ohio in 1949, but has lived in Georgia
since 1970.  Married to Richard, a retired middle school educator, Deborah has
three grown children, two sons, Nathan and Micah and a daughter Rachel. She is
also the proud grandmother of two grandsons, Ian and Sean and a granddaughter,
Maggie. After twenty years in the banking industry, Deborah retired from the
business world in 1999 in order to write full time. Deborah says that books have
always played an important role in her life and that she inherited her love of
literature from her mother, who was a librarian and poet.  She is currently at work
on her next book in Locust Grove, Georgia.

By Deborah E. Warr

Mankind has always been searching for answers to the question, are we alone in
the universe?  Some believe that we have been influenced by beings from other
planets throughout human history. Some go so far as to suggest that these entities
played a pivotal role in the incredible feats of engineering by our ancient ancestors.  
How could man create the pyramids of Egypt and the complex temples of the Inca
and Mayan cultures using only primitive technology?  There are those who are
convinced that we are still being visited by extraterrestrial beings. With the recent
discoveries of habitable planets within our own galactic neighborhood, the
possibility doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched as it once did.  If they are real, are
these visitors here to advance our development as some would have us believe or
could they have a more sinister motive?  Offspring of Eos is an imaginative look at
one of history’s most enduring mysteries. What if they walked among us in the past
and what would happen if they were still here?  Why are they here and what do
they want?  Offspring of Eos is a thrilling look at the possibilities.