Daisy TimShar
list of authors. Readers might recognize Daisy by her online moniker, Lady
D.  Her novel Within the Heart is ready in three e-Book formats and the print
versioin shipping as well.  This story is a long time favorite at The
Athenaeum, rating # 9 in 2008 and #7 in 2009.

Jessie and Samantha first met when they were very young. From day one,
they became close friends. They do everything together in their small town of
Blue Creek where Samantha embraces the uniqueness of her new friend.. But
little girls grow up and, as they grow older, Jessie's feelings for Samantha
grow and extend beyond friendship. Will Samantha return Jessie's love? How
will Jessie respond if her feelings are not returned? Read the book to see how
these two characters discover what is really within the heart.